VISION 2030!

Build a sustainable & functioning ecosystem by JutePP® – a Jute high-tech solution, to transform the plastic industry and beyond

JutePP® - Jute fibre reinforced plastic granule

JutePP® granule is the most sustainable alternative to fossil based plastic raw materials.

The majority of the raw material i.e. Jute – the sustainable material in the world is sourced from Farmer to Factory Jute Supply Chain™. 

Thus JutePP® made finished products positively impact all three pillars of sustainability – ecological, economic and social sustainability. 

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Jute is the most sustainable material in the world

Jute does not take away land area from food production

JutePP® granule consists of 30% to 50% Jute fibre

JutePP® granule is mixed with virgin and recycled polypropylene

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