Juteborg Sweden AB – the initiator and driver of F2F™

Juteborg Sweden AB is the initiator of the Farmer to Factory Jute Supply Chain™in 2016. F2F™ is part of Juteborg’s own business model. The company is also the lead in planning and implementation of F2F™. The intellectual property right of F2F™ belongs to Juteborg. However, the company is always open for further triple helix collaborations with an inclusive approach.

JuteLab International – the planning, implementation & collaboration lead of F2F™

JuteLab International is an organization of Juteborg Sweden AB. JuteLab International is an international collaboration platform who collaborates for Jute based innovation. JuteLab Int. is also an execution lead of F2F™ and a collaborative partner.

Razzaque Jute Industries Ltd – the local lead of F2F™ in Bangladesh

Razzaque Jute industries Ltd. (RJIL) is one of the largest jute Yarn and twine producers in Bangladesh, established in 2008 and started production in 2010 and located very near to the Jute fields. Their current focus markets are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China, Belgium, Spain, Russia and all other EU country. With their high-quality Jute yarn as product and on time shipment have earned them a good reputation within a very short time. RJIL is the local implementation lead of F2F™ in Bangladesh.

Nordic Climate Facilities of Nordic Development Fund – the co-sponsor of F2F™ model validation.

Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) is a challenge fund that finances innovative climate change projects. NCF financing is allocated on a competitive basis with calls for proposals arranged annually. It is financed by the Nordic Development Fund, an international development and climate finance institution established by the Nordic countries. NCF is facilitating the first ever commercial production of JutePP® – jute fibre reinforced plastic granule. It is also supporting to validate the inclusive farmer to factory jute supply chain model™ (F2F™).

Inclusive Business Sweden – support partner in inclusive model of F2F™

Inclusive Business Sweden (IBS) works with the private sector to scale innovative and inclusive business models in developing country markets. We deliver direct business services and bring together private, public and civil society actors for impact programmes, locally and globally. IBS has been the support partner of developing inclusive model of F2F™.

Asian Development Bank – the fund provider of Project InTact & F2F™ is one of the results.

Inclusive Textiles and Clothing (InTaCt) project by Inclusive Business Sweden mapped the opportunities for developing inclusive business models across supply chains in Southeast Asia, in order to seek new and innovative investment openings for Swedish and international companies in the textiles and clothing sector. Farmer to Factory Jute Supply Chain™ (F2F™) is one of the identified opportunities out of 66in this Project InTact. Asian Development Bank was the funder of the project.

Join us in the F2F™ pilot, be part of a bigger impact

We are now planning for the pilot run of the validated F2F™ model. A great opportunity to make a positive impact on 6k+ bottom of the pyramid people in Bangladesh by lifting their livelihood. At the sametime even greater opportunity to take part in sustainable material creation for driving sustainability in the world.