Why Jute is in the focus?
byJuteborg Sweden AB

Christina Östergren and Else-Marie Malmek, the -cofounders of Juteborg Sweden AB,  were looking actively for the most sustainable material in the world to exchange the bad materials in construction and automotive industries. They found the natural fibre of jute and eventually founded the company Juteborg Sweden AB in 2013 based on Jute. Sensing the urgency and potentials, since inception Juteborg Sweden AB has been introducing the natural fibre of Jute as the alternative sustainable material in many different applications. In addition to ecological and economic, jute also relates to social sustainability. Therefore, Juteborg Sweden AB focuses on Jute and strongly states that Jute is the most sustainable material in the world due to its strong environmental, economic and social dimensions.

In this episode, we talk about how and why Jute has become the key focus of Juteborg’s sustainable business. 

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