Juteborg is proud to present JuteSnapSplitPipe™– a smartly designed, most sustainable and cost-effective cable protection pipe made of JutePP®, for construction and infrastructure industry.

JuteSnapSplitPipe™ – one more of Juteborg’s innovative Jute high tech products is on the way with EU – Bangladesh collaboration with the support of INNOWWIDE who supports viability assessment of collaborative and innovative business solutions in worldwide markets.

It is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to bring innovative European SMEs to the forefront of the international markets. Juteborg was ranked as no 36 out of almost 600 applications.

Jute and original Snap Split Pipe

The viability assessment project (VAP) is supported by the 2nd call from INNOWWIDE.

The second INNOWWIDE VAP Call was closed on April 7th with a total of 597 proposals from 36 EU and associated countries. The submitted VAPs targeted a total of 61 different target markets. We are proud to be one of the 70 uppermost ranked chosen proposals after strict eligibility check and independent evaluation.

The proposal clearly outlines an envisaged future RTDI project. Opportunity to create a novel industrial product from Jute fibre and recycled PP, Huge target market, sufficient supply of material, support from government, opportunities for spill over into other Latin American. The Added Value of the proposal is very convincing. Objectives, expected outputs and impacts, are fully in line and well addressed by the activities of the proposal.

Comments from the INNOWWIDE evaluation

Since inception Juteborg has explored through extensive research & development that Jute is the most sustainable material which supports all 3 pillars of sustainability – ecological, economic and social. To make a bigger impact, Juteborg will connect its all Jute based innovations to the Farmer to Factory Jute Supply Chain™ (F2F™) platform.

F2F™ is aimed to provide certified, traceable Jute fibre and the sticks, the major input materials of Jute based innovation while paying the fair price to the Jute farmers in Bangladesh.

Already Juteborg’s F2F™ has gathered 1224 Jute farmers in Faridpur, Bangladesh, with their families more than 6K people, 42% are female who will be positively impacted by approximately 4 times income increment from $1.6/day during Jute season.

The connection of JuteSnapSplitPipe™ with F2F™ will make jute cultivation lucrative by increasing the value and the income of the farmers resulting in improved living conditions for millions of bottom of the pyramid population.

Growing Jute is an ecological choice and considered as climate change mitigation and adaptation measure. Thus more than 4 million Jute farmers, and their families, in Bangladesh will be part of climate change mitigation and adaptation while attracting the rural youth.

The VAP of sustainable cable pipe (JuteSnapSplitPipe™) made of JutePP® would create the basis of further value addition to Jute thus more possibility for bigger social impact on more than 6k people.

Also, Juteborg´s Swedish/European values, standards of Code of Conduct and Ethics will be practised. The connection of JutePP® made cost-effective sustainable cable pipe with the farmer to factory jute supply chain™ will bring on a unique business model by taking care of the whole value chain. This ensures a great competitive edge and secured advantage.

With this proposal, Juteborg will validate the viability of making the most sustainable cost-effective and smartly designed cable pipe solution called JuteSnapSplitPipe™ for Bangladesh by using JutePP® the most sustainable alternative to plastic raw material. The plastic pipe market in Bangladesh is estimated as €670 million with 20% annual growth.

JutePP® (Jute fibre reinforced plastic granule) is developed by Juteborg with up to 50% of Jute fibres and rest virgin and/or recycled polypropylene.

Jute plants

The environmentally friendly original Snap Split Pipes™ are innovatively designed by Greenpipe of Sweden AB to promote the fast & cost-effective installation due to the zero need for tools.

Snap Split Pipes™

The plastic pipe market in Bangladesh will grow further as the country plans to put the overhead cables underground in all the cities. Plastic contributes 1% of the Bangladesh GDP where 100% of the virgin plastic is imported. Inclusion of Jute (GDP contribution 2%) as the sustainable alternative to plastic material with recycled quality polypropylene, like crashed car bumpers etc, Bangladesh can be more self-sufficient in the plastic market, creating large benefit for its economy.

Potential business opportunity with JutePP® made cable pipe

Juteborg is about to start the pilot production of JutePP® via the Joint Venture Company – Juteborg Razzaque Bangladesh Ltd. This pilot production is co-supported by Nordic Climate Facility of Nordic Development Fund. The same support also helped Juteborg and the partners to validate the concept to the F2F™ model.

Juteborg is actively planning to implement the pilot of the validated F2F™ model. Therefore, we are reaching out to probable national and international stakeholders for forming a strategic collaboration. Recently, Juteborg took part in a live TV talk show in Bangladesh together with the 2 prominent ministers of the country which gained more than 150 K views on Facebook. Some more serious discussions are going on with other internal development organizations together with Inclusive Business Sweden.

Short version of the TV talk show

The successful completion of the JuteSnapSplitPipe™ viability assessment project will lead to establishing an international cooperation including further RTDI project.

Eventually, the VAP will also help to determine the future investment decision. Juteborg has established itself as the Jute innovation brand in Bangladesh due to continued jute-based innovations and several times appeared on the media with different Jute innovative high-tech products.